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Presidentís Desk

A S Jose
- January 2013
As a member of the World Malayalee Council, I did some soul searching; asking a few simple questions to myself and arrived at the following simple answers

Q-1.Why do we exist?
Ans. To Serve

Q-2.Where do we go ?
Ans. To Share and Grow

Q-3.What should we do?
Ans. Support Projects, Form New Provinces, Forums and Units , Celebrate Events

Q-4. What is our driving force?
Ans. Unconditional Love

Q-5. What is our ultimate goal?
Ans. Enhance happiness within oneself and among others

Q-6. What is our strategy?
Ans. Communication, Connectivity
Communication and connectivity is at your finger tip, with this new website and associated communication tools. Please use it for practising your answers to questions 1 to 5. Please keep us posted of what you can do for the common good of the community, WMC can be the umbrella to enable it.

Global President,
World Malayalee Council.