World Malayalee Center & Malayalee History Museum

World Malayalee Center & Malayalee History Museum is a project of the World Malayalee Council to establish in Kerala by year 2019. This is a dream project and a monument of Malayalees all over the World.

World Malayalee Center

World Malayalee Center will be a meeting place of Malayalees from all over the World when they visit Kerala. It will have facilities like a reception lounge, large hall, small meeting rooms, residential rooms, cafeteria with authentic Kerala meals and the office of World Malayalee Council

Malayalee History Museum

Malayalee History Museum is part of the World Malayalee Center where visitors get a glimpse of Malayalee History.Strike museum will be the institution for the acquisition, preservation and display of works of lasting artistic, historic and scientific value. There will be at least five main sections for the Museum display

Malayalee History

Kerala history goes back to the epic story of Parasuraman, then the story of various kingdoms in Malabar, Cochin and Travancore. Attacks from outside like by Tippu Sultan. Trade with the Arabs, visit of Vasco da Gama, British, etc. up to the freedom movement, formation of Travancore Cochin and then Kerala

History of various religions, cast system, Christian conversions, various religions celebrations, migration of Jews, various temples, mosques and churches, influence of religion at various regions, epic story of Mahabeli, Trichoor puram, Sree Padmanbha Temple, Guruvayoor temple, etc. The contribution of religions in the educational area especially Christians.
Evolution of Malayalam language, the history, the various dialects of the language from Malabar to Trivandrum, the contributors of Malayalam literature and poetry including the works of writers and poets. The story of Malayalam print media and tvisual media. Great books in Malayalam
The story of Malayalee migration starting with going to other states, then to Ceylon, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Africa, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Newzealand etc. The great migration to Gulf countries. The contributions of non-resident Keralites the development and economic growth of Kerala.
This section covers everything and perhaps will have more display of various aspects of life, It covers our traditional dressing habits going back centuries, various traditional Christian, Hindu and Muslim dressing habits for men and women. Materials used by various religions and tribes over the years. Traditional tools, utensils and other materials like Olakkuda, Ulakka, Uruli etc used in Kerala. Traditional musical instruments used, like Chenda, Kudam, Chilanka, Harmionica etc. History of various folk arts and materials used, like Ottam Thullal, Kathakali, Kalari Payattu etc. History of performing and visual arts tools used for measurements & cooking, list goes and goes. This will be a large collection of materials and details on various traditional food habits.

Membership Categories and Benefits

There are several categories of membership with benefits like representation on the Board of Directors, number of votes in general council and display of plaque in grand lounge based on the donations.

Category Donation Board Membership Member Vote Plaque Display
Grand Patron Business Member Rs.50,00,000 yes 2 12 inX 24 in
Grand Patron Family Member Rs.25,00,000 yes 2 10 inX 20 in
Patron Business Member Rs.15,00,000 yes 2 9 inX 18 in
Patron Family Member Rs.10,00,000 yes 2 8 inX 16 in
Benefactor Business Member Rs. 7,50,000 yes 2 6 inX 12 in
Benefactor Family Member Rs. 5,00,000 yes 2 5 inX 10 in
Donor Family Member Rs. 2,50,000 no 2 3 inX 6 in
Donor Individual Member Rs. 1,00,000 no 1 2 inX 4 in
Regular WMC Member Rs. 50,000 no 1 1 inX 2 in

Fund Raising

We want to raise the funds for the project through the membership donations as given above. The estimated total cost of the project is Rs. 12 crores. The cost for purchase of the land and construction is estimated at Rs. 8 crores. We need to raise the Rs. 4 crores by June, 2017 so that we can start construction and complete by 2018. During construction we need to raise another 4 crores to furnish the building for both the Center and Museum. After construction, we need to raise another Rs. 4 crores for the museum establishment. Therefore members can donate in three install ments, fifty percent in June 2017, 25 percent in June 2018, and the final 25 percent in June 2019

We urge all multinational companies and major corporations in Kerala to become Grand patron or Patron business members, and all Malayalee business persons to become grand patron and patron family members or donor business members or donor family members. WMC members can become regular family members, regular individual members or Regular WMC members.

We shall establish special bank accounts and appoint accountants to keep track of the funds with annual external auditors. We also shall appoint consultants for the Museum project and rent facilities to store the materials collected. Contractors for construction shall be selected through competitive bidding.

We are contacting you to take a pledge from you so that we get your first payment in June, 2017.

We hope you support this great project.

Dr. P.A. Ibrahim, WMC Global Chairman, Dubai

Mathew Jacob, WMC Global president, Germany

Sam Mathew, General Secretary, Riyadh, SA

Thomas Aramabamkudy, Treasurer, Germany

Andrew Pappachen, Project Chairman, USA

Committee Members

S.No Name Region Designation Email ID
1 Andrew Pappachen USA Committee Chairman
2 Baby Mathew Somatheeram India region chairman–Committee Co-Chairman
3 Jolly Thadathil Europe region Chairman
4 Joseph Scaria Philippines Far East Region Chairman
5 A.K.Abdulkalam Dubai Middle East Region Chairman
6 K.S. Kareem Africa Region President
7 Shaji Ramapuram America Region President
8 Thomas Chacko Ethiopia
9 Alex Thomas Toronto alexarathu@gmai.lcom
10 Joy Madhavan UK
11 Ray Pillay Sidney,Australia
12 Ajith Kumar Kerala
13 C.K. Thomas Dubai
14 V. V. Mohan Bahrain
15 Dr.E.A.Hakkim Abu Dhabi
16 Anita Karnavar Delhi
17 Dr.Dominic Savio India IT Consultant
18 Gopala Pillai USA Advisory Board Chairman
19 Dr.P.A.Ibrahim Dubai Chairman
20 Dr. K.G. Vijayalekshmi Kerala Vice Chairperson
21 Mathew Jacob Germany President
22 George Kakkanatt USA VP Administration
23 Sam Mathew Riyadh Gen.Secretary
24 Liju Mathew Abraham Associate Secretary
25 Thomas Arambamkudy Germany Treasurer
26 John Mathai Dubai Goodwill Ambassador

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